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Dave's Little Corner of the Internet

29th August, 2008. 5:48 pm. Reviews

So when stormfeather responded to a comment I made on montoya 's blog (reminding me that I hadn't heard from her in a long time), and noticed a ton of book and game reviews there. And since I need to do something to keep my LJ semi-current, and have been sending Amazon money every month for years (about 50% novels/40% gaming books/10% other -- movies, video games, and nonfiction), I figured it wouldn't be a bad habit to get into.

So, to get started...

Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide (Star Wars Saga Edition RPG Supplement)

First, a disclaimer: I think the Star Wars Saga RPG is excellent, perhaps the finest d20 game ever made. And that the first Knights of the Old Republic video game was the best RPG of the Xbox/PS2/GameCube generation (the second had promise, but the ending was obviously rushed; the runners up were FFX, FFXII, and Skies of Arcadia). So to say I was predisposed to like the book would be an understatement.

Still, a lot of gaming books that ought to have been really good weren't. But not this one. From filling out the backstory of the era for those of us who have only played the video games and not read the Tales of the Jedi and Knights of the Old Republic comics, to creating mechanics for almost all of the nifty fun stuff of the video games that make sense in a tabletop game, to making it possible for someone to quickly throw together an HK droid PC and starting removing meatbags from the galaxy, it's in there.

So when Episode II of my Star Wars game happens, the PCs will have a lot of new toys to face (and to use).

Current mood: creative.

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